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Invest in Raleigh, NC and what trends to watch #1

Invest in Raleigh, NC and what trends to watch #1

As the most current report from the Urban Land Institute is published, once again, Raleigh is announced in the top 3 locations to invest. Following Austin, TX and beating out Nashville, TN- to round out the 3 choices. This is great news for those in the Raleigh market; not only is it a wonderful place to live, it’s a great investment. What the ULI report also tells us is some of the top trends to watch this year for the forward thinking and progressive Investor.

Specialize It

As we’ve experienced in the last year in Raleigh, Investor competition is on the rise. Multiple offers are made on properties, often going over list price. My husband Chris was been able to see annual returns of 15% approx. 3-5 years ago. Now, we are looking at closer to 10-12%. Still great numbers, but proof that there is a lot of bidding going on. What to do? Look closely at even more specialized properties along with single family residential. Senior housing, 5+ unit multifamily housing and co-living housing options are great ways to see even bigger increases on returns.

Community Culture

Look for the areas with co-work and ride-share programs. Areas that promote bike share and short- term rentals show a growing community. Plus, these are areas that people are thriving in and flocking to, so it’s a win-win to be a part of this community fabric.


They may have enough money to not receive government funding but fall short to handle big housing costs along with medical costs. Plus, the life-expectancies continue to rise. A decade from now seniors will be in even bigger need of housing options. According to survey investors, senior housing is a very viable investment option for 2020- cited by The Motley Fool.

So not only is Raleigh a hotspot to invest, but there are very creative trends out there to focus on to maximize your ROI.

Author: Lori Webb, Broker from Property Specific Realty
Property Specific is a Raleigh based Full Service Real Estate firm that focuses on Investment Properties and Property Management Services.


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