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Downsizing Before You Move

Downsizing Before You Move

Author Sarah Valeri, Hello Clutter

Before you move, downsizing is a MUST! No need to bring things with you to your new home that aren’t going to be of use to you and just create more clutter for you to deal with in the future.

You’ve grabbed your donate box and you’re ready to go, but can’t seem to part with anything. So what should you get rid of?! 

Start with these things:

1. Old & unused beauty products- you know that eyeshadow should not come near your face for how long it has just been sitting in your drawer. Hair products you’ve never used, and that nail polish grandma gave you that just isn’t your color - toss!

2.Clothes that don’t fit, damaged clothes, and socks missing their sole mate- you’ll never find it. It’s okay to let go.

3.Broken technology- if you haven’t taken that old desktop computer to be fixed by now, be honest with yourself and part with it!

4.Old cords- if you have 6 HDMI cords, you don’t need that many - throw ‘em out!  And if you have random cords you’ve never used - toss! If you really needed it, it would be used for something already, right?

5.Games- whatever is missing their pieces, or ones you don’t enjoy playing anymore! How many times can your family fight about monopoly? It’s not worth it…bye bye!

6.Movies you don’t watch- simplify that DVD collection. You pick something on Netflix every time, right? 

7.Expired medications- yes, I hear all the time that “well that doesn’t really expire”. True, maybe it’s just less potent than it was but to be real - if a tummy ache kicks in I want the potent kind, please. Scared to throw it out and want to make sure you’re safe? Check this website out

8.Instruction manuals- if you can tell me the last time you checked it, maybe I’d say you can keep it. But I would be willing to bet at least 20 bucks the last time you needed to figure out how something works, you checked with Google...do I win $20? Toss!

9.Tupperware- whatever doesn’t have a matching lid needs to go! Seriously you don’t use it anyways and the lid isn’t going to magically appear. Let’s not fool ourselves, friends.

10.Anything with bad juju- do you see something in your home or come across items that give you bad vibes? Bring up old bad memories? Or maybe a gift you were given that you really hate but only kept because you felt bad? Your happiness is worth more than that. Get rid of it. 

Don't you already feel so much better? Decluttering and preparing yourself to move into a home that will only have items in it that you truly cherish is going to be AMAZING! You just took an excellent step towards making your home a happier and more relaxing place. I'm giving you a mental high five (or a hug, whichever you need more)!

Now what to do with these items?! Anything damaged or missing parts should be thrown away (responsibly!). For items still in good condition that could serve others - donate! There are tons of amazing local Triangle Donation options - all with great causes!

Check some of them out below!

Note in Pocket

Dress for Success

GG’s Closet / Step Up Ministry

Dorcas Ministries

Raleigh Rescue Mission

Durham Rescue Mission*

Habitat for Humanity, ReStore*

The Women’s Center

The Green Chair Project*

*Pick up may be available depending on your zip code

Of course if you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start - I would love to help!

I offer downsizing, decluttering, and organizing services to clients in the Raleigh area, and virtually as well! You can head to my website to learn more, and follow me on Instagram @hello.clutter!

Happy downsizing!

Xx - Sarah Valeri


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