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Console Table Styling Tips

Console Table Styling Tips

5 Tips to Style A Console Table

Console tables are often found in an entryway or main living area, and styling them properly  provides such a great opportunity to add beauty, character, and visual appeal to these important areas of your home. Here are a few tried-and-true ways to help you style your console table like a pro!

  1. Choose a large anchor object for the center. It can be a mirror, a large piece of art, or even several pieces of art. It needs to create a distinct focal point in the center of the console. Essentially, it’s a visual anchor for our eyes to rest on.

  2. Add height! Choose objects of varying height, and don’t be afraid to go high. A nice tall, substantial vase is beautiful and pulls the eye upward. You don’t have to stop there though! Try placing some tall stems in there as well, for even more visual impact. Tall lamps are another great way to interest with height, along with providing ambient light in the evening. 

  3. Create balance and work inward. Console table are long, so you need to address the entire length of the table. Start on the outside, and layer your objects in, working toward the center.  I also love the rule of 3’s here, which means that items look best when grouped in 3’s. Keep that in mind when layering!

  4. Don’t forget to add interest under the table. Console tables often have large open spaces under them, which when left empty, can feel cavernous and look like something is missing. I love to add two matching poufs, small stools, or benches under the table to provide beauty and interest.  One large unique object such as a basket or trunk can also do the trick!

  5. Add a natural or organic element to your table. Natural elements always make a space come alive! A plant, orchid, terrarium, or even sticks can bring life and visual appeal to your table. Try stacking them on books to add height but not clutter.

Following these tips will help you style an empty table like a pro, or allow you to change around what you may already have to bring beauty and impact to your space.

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