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Five Best Photo Ops in Raleigh: Downtown Edition

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Raleigh and the surrounding Triangle is a BEAUTIFUL place.  People move to Raleigh for its abundance of greenways, parks, trees, and mild winters. The City of Raleigh itself is also pretty good at promoting Raleigh’s n... read more >>

Console Table Styling Tips

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5 Tips to Style A Console Table Console tables are often found in an entryway or main living area, and styling them properly  provides such a great opportunity to add beauty, character, and visual appeal to these important a... read more >>

Reimagining Your Space for Work and School

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Reimagining Your Space for Work and SchoolWould reimagining your space for work and school help you feel less crammed and cluttered at home?It’s something most of us are being forced to do. We are all carving out spots for w... read more >>

Downsizing Before You Move

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Author Sarah Valeri, Hello Clutter Before you move, downsizing is a MUST! No need to bring things with you to your new home that aren’t going to be of use to you and just create more clutter for you to deal with in the futur... read more >>

How to De-personalize a home to get ready to sell

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How to De-personalize a home: Listing tipsAuthor: Jeannene Matthews When you list a house for sale, it’s important that potential buyers can see themselves (and their things) in your house.  You need to invite their ima... read more >>

Winter Home Decor

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Winter Decor Ideas Author Casey Wood After the holiday season, many of us are sad to yank our decor down and be left with a home that no longer feels festive. Here are a few simple tips to give your home a comfy, beautiful fe... read more >>

Settling into our new home in downtown Wake Forest

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It has been a great summer settling into our new home in downtown Wake Forest.  As many of you know, Property Specific moved into the longtime home of Sweetie’s Candy Store.  Chris worked hard to renovate and updat... read more >>

The Ultimate Guide to Solo Living

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Created by Rocio Espinoza Whether you’re divorced, recently widowed, or just single in general, living solo can seem a bit intimidating. If you’re suddenly on your own for the first time, this new venture might be over... read more >>

Designing for a Long Term Rental Property

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Chris and I have purchased and held onto about 30 properties over the last ten years in Raleigh and Wake Forest and a few other locations. We typically like to grab a home that has some potential for good, affordable and aest... read more >>
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